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This week on The Exes Nicki (Leah Remini) and Phil (Donald Faison) tried to get it on, but in the end he only ended up cleaning her pipes. This as Holly (Kristen Johnston) bedded her old law school professor, at his assisted living facility. In other words, it was a rough week for the ladies.

We’ll start with Holly, who, after locking eyes with a former professor at, where else, the gang’s local pub, decided to go for a little after school credit, if you get our drift. Only problem is Professor PDA lives in an assisted living facility, something that ends up not being a dealbreaker for our gal Holly, but a selling poin. It isn’t long before she is palling around with the other ladies in her very own wheelchair, rocking some serious eyeglasses and a nasty addiction to low blinds card games.

Nicki on the other hand was hoping to get back on the horse following her split from her husband, and called on Phil to help her back on. So Phil got all showered and shaved and cologned, but in the end found out her just couldn’t wrap his head around the idea of a roll in the hay with Stuart’s (David Alan Basche) little sis.

And so Nicki did not get her chance to get back in the swing of things, though she did get Phil to fix and exploding pipe, and Holly lost her elderly lover when he found that her new lifestyle was slowing him down. Not to worry though as things ended with Nicki finally getting Haskell to admit his love for her and good old Holly, well she was making her move on a lovely suited gentleman at the pub. While using her new walker.

Until next season…

Leaderboard (Who’s Up & Who’s Down)

Phil (UP) — The man did the right thing and did not sleep with a woman. Our boy is growing up!

Haskell (UP) — Finally he tells Nicki he loves her, like a big boy.

Holly (UP) — Sure she looks like one of those people from “Cocoon,” but comfort outweighs style in our opinion.

Eden (EVEN) — Eden was kind of missing this week, but it’s Eden so we’re sure she was having fun.

Nicki (EVEN) — She didn’t get laid, but she did avoid sex with Phil.

Stuart (EVEN) — Our boy Stu was also kinda MIA, but we’ll assume he was at a really good concert or something.

Chris Spargo is a writer living in NYC who would love to love in an assisted living facility. Follow him on Twitter at @chrisonchris

Brenda Cooper is the costume designer for Happily Divorced. She will be providing exclusive style highlights and fashion insights from the show. So check back weekly for your Happily Divorced fashion fix!

So, you’re finished with the last show of the season and it ended with a wedding dress.

Yes, but not in the way you would think.

This is the third time you’ve had to find one.

Yes. The bolero I used over it was actually from another season where Fran went to try on wedding dresses with her mom. The dress was strapless and I had to have something over it. I tried to dye it with tea, because the bolero was pure white, and it came out too dark. I couldn’t find another one in the right size so I ended up bleaching it. People watching have no idea of the agony and the ecstasy that goes into putting these outfits together.

You’ve also got Joan Collins on this week. She looks stunning in red.

That’s actually her own outfit. She knows what looks great on her. I love her red contrasted with Fran’s black dress.

That is some dress.

Yes. I’ve used two other dresses by that same designer this season in a blue and a green. They’re by Le Petite Robe di Chiara Boni.

They are like corsets. The dress looks fantastic on her. The fit is amazing.

They’re absolutely incredible, but expensive. But she had to look fabulous. In the scene she goes to London to surprise her boyfriend who she finds in bed with two girls. So, he’s been unfaithful to her.

Tell me about her pink jacket and black pants.

The jacket was very inexpensive, but I had to make a lot of alterations to it. The pant is by Tahari. It’s the Sabrina Pant. I absolutely love it. It’s got a wider leg. In the past it’s been tighter jeans or flared pants that I put a dress over. But I’m always looking for new silhouettes.

You’ve got Rita and Tichina in jeans.

Those are actually the same brand, Denimocracy. I had several pairs and I wanted to see how many people they looked good on. They ended up looking good on everyone. Great style transcends age, generations, ethnicity, everything!

Do you have a favorite item of the season?

The Swashbuckler belts are the standout vendor of the season for me. It’s amazing how just one accessory can be the icing on the cake!


Josephine Bennett is an award-winning public radio reporter with an extensive cardigan collection

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Brenda Cooper is the costume designer for Happily Divorced. She will be providing exclusive style highlights and fashion insights from the show. So check back weekly for your Happily Divorced fashion fix!

This week you had so many wardrobe changes for Fran!

Seven to be exact plus a robe and pajamas. She had four dresses alone. She had two dream sequences so that only added to the number.

Dresses have been a big part of this season.

Yes. I’ve used a lot of dresses, particularly the Lauren by Ralph Lauren dresses. I’ve gone back to them again and again.

Do you have a favorite dress this week?

I loved the way the entire show came together. I’ve been using a lot of boots this season and this week was no exception. I put a pair of brown boots that Fran actually wore on the Nanny and paired them with a chevron striped dress.

Do you have any other favorites?

Fran has on a great blue, leather jacket with a pair of jeans and a great print blouse. The colors look amazing on her and I used another belt from Swashbuckler. I’ve really enjoyed using their belts. Everyone’s been asking me where I got them.

You have such a great way of putting pieces together to create such unique outfits.

My philosophy is whatever you do, do it with style!


Josephine Bennett is an award-winning public radio reporter with an extensive cardigan collection

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What a great pic of Fran with both of her Peters, the real one and the fictional one!

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